*Please note this is spec sheet applies to Paradise Ridge - Phase 7 subdivision only*

Schedule A

It is hereby agreed and understood, that the contents of this Schedule A shall be completed by the vendor:



  Constructed according to the 2010 National Building Code.

  16" width concrete footings.

  8" thick concrete foundation walls, damp-proofed before backfill.

  3" thick concrete floor on crushed stone basement.                          

  Exterior above grade walls constructed with 2" x 6" studs that offer 24" center.

  Interior walls constructed with 2" x 4" studs that offer 16" center.

  Floor joists are 2"' x 8" or greater with a maximum of 16".

  House completed with " gypsum board.

  Wall, roof & floor sheathing to be one of, or a combination of the following: 7/16 OSB walls, 5/8 T&G floors, standard plywood - roof

  Pre-engineered roof trusses.

  4" weeping tile.

  Windows in basement and exterior basement door as per plan.

  Bearing walls as required.



  Light color vinyl siding, vinyl soffit & aluminum fascia

  Maintenance-free vinyl windows & doors, measurements as per builders specifications.

  25 year warranty asphalt shingles.

  Two exterior anti-frost taps.

  Patio deck to be pressure treated (10X12). All pressure treated wood installed by vendor requires purchaser to apply repellant sealant to prevent wood from deteriorating as per manufacturers instructions.

  Exterior walls wrapped in breathable building paper.

  Satin Nickel locks on all exterior doors.



  Colonial style passage doors & Colonial style bi-fold doors to closets.

  Colonial style baseboards; colonial style casing on all windows and doors.

  Satin Nickel finished hardware throughout.

  Flooring allowance to be $TBD (Installation of ceramic flooring will require optional subfloor, stairs, handrails & spindles also included in flooring allowance).

   Interior walls painted with 1 coat of primer, 2 coats of premium quality latex (satin/eggshell) paint; choice of 5 colors by purchaser. Ceiling paint will be 2 coats of ceiling white (flat).  Darker colors will be extra cost, as it needs extra coats.

  Steel attic hatch or wood to code.

  Round interior drywall corners.

  Stairwell to unfinished basement will be finished.

  Garage to be taped as per building code if garage required.

  9ft. ceilings on main floor only




  Custom-designed quality cabinets, allowance to be $TBD. Bathroom vanity and counter tops included in allowance.

  Choice of counter tops

  Double stainless steel sinks with quality faucets.

  Heavy duty receptacle for stove.

  Dedicated electrical outlet for fridge.

  Dedicated electrical outlet for microwave.  I will be having a built in microwave? Yes _____ or No ______ (extra $75.00 plus tax). 

  Rough in wiring and plumbing for dishwasher included in requested. I will be having a dishwasher? Yes ______ or No _______.



  Standard white bathroom fixtures

  Privacy locks on bathroom

  Quality faucets

  Pressure balanced tub and shower faucet

  Rough-in installed in basement floor (1/2 bathroom) if required.

  White fiberglass tub enclosure.

  Purchasers responsible for bathroom accessories such as shower curtain rod, towel rod bars, mirrors, etc.


  R-20 Batt insulation in walls; R-32 Blown-in attic

  Electrical baseboard heating

  40 gallon water heater.

  6 mil vapor barrier in all joins and penetrations.

  All windows and doors sealed with spray foam or insulation to code.         


  Heat recovery ventilation system

  Washer & Dryer hook-up to be provided.

  Exhaust fans in all bathroom and vented range hood where possible, builder may use upgraded model (fans not required).


  Circuit breaker panel with 200 amp service

  Installation fee of $75.00 for each ceiling fan installed.

  Lighting fixtures supplied by Vendor; choice made by Purchaser. Light Fixture allowance to be $TBD which includes range hood, door chimes, all smoke detectors, fixtures, bulbs and any previously installed fixtures by vendor (exterior lights, etc.). Pot lights are extra.   



  Full open unfinished basement.



  All homes registered under the 7 Year Atlantic Home Warranty.

  Survey and location certificate supplied by Vendor in their possession.



Extras or changes requested by the purchasers must be given to the builder/Vendor or his representation in writing.  Other changes will not be acknowledged.


Extra charge for the built in microwave combo is for the electrical outlet only.  Installation of this appliance is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.  Specialty Homes Ltd. will install this appliance upon written request of the homeowner for an additional charge of $75.00 plus tax.


The Vendor agrees to complete the dwelling on the contract closing date, provided the Vendor is not prevented from doing so by some act of the purchasers, labor strikes, weather conditions, shortage of sub-trades and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any other contingency over which the Vendor has no control.


As per manufacturers specifications, the exterior steel doors are not guaranteed against leakage in winds above 60 km.  Storm doors may be required under prolonged extremely adverse weather conditions.



All products described /used in the construction of the dwelling are from the builders product line.  Any homeowner wishing to use suppliers (flooring, cabinetry etc) other than the preferred suppliers of Specialty Homes Ltd. should be aware that Specialty Homes Ltd. is not responsible for organizing the installation of products.  This may result in your home not closing on schedule and is not covered under the Atlantic Home Warranty and the homeowner will carry the financial responsibility of the supplier.


It is also hereby agreed and understood that, provided the Purchasers meets the applicable guidelines and is eligible to receive the GST and/or HST rebate, the Vendor will pay any applicable GST and/or HST and the purchaser shall execute all necessary documentation to assign such GST and/or HST rebate to the Vendor, but otherwise the Purchaser shall pay

any GST and/or HST in addition to the purchase price. Purchaser will provide a minimum 5%  non-refundable deposit to Vendor prior to excavation.



Client Contact Information


Phone:                         (h)                                (w)                               (c)



I agree to allow Specialty Homes Ltd. to release my contact information to its suppliers (flooring, cabinetry etc.) for the purpose of contacting me for quotes, appointments, etc.


I acknowledge having read and received a copy of this agreement at time of signing.

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